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Full-Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer can get a project done from start to finish, back-end to front-end.

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Beginner friendly, 168 lessons

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Become a Machine Learning Engineer

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In this path, you’ll learn how to solve business challenges with machine learning systems and decision-making algorithms.

About this Career Path

  • Build machine learning apps: Build machine learning models, then turn them into applications to enable better decision-making.
  • Maximize your algorithms: Tune your machine learning models to minimize run time and maximize performance.
  • Prepare for your career: Get job-ready with portfolio projects and more.


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Projects you’ll build

Classify Raisins with Hyperparameter Tuning!

Implement the hyperparameter tuning methods to solve a simple yet very challenging project.

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Predict Wine Quality with Regularization

Build a wine quality classifier with logistic regression using regularization!

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Find the flag!

Use decision trees to predict what continent a flag comes from based on features like color and shape.

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Computer Science

Learn Computer Science fundamentals, build a professional portfolio, and prepare for an entry-level role in tech.

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Beginner friendly, 82 lessons

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Career Path

Machine Learning / AI Engineer Career Path

Ever wonder how Netflix recommends what you should watch? Algorithms are everywhere, and organizations need engineers to power these systems. Get the specialized skills and portfolio you need to start your career as a Machine Learning/AI Engineer in this curated career path.

Includes Python, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Pandas, scikit-learn, and more

Write live code, build projects, and practice for interviews

Finish in 4 months with a certificate of completion

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Introduction to Machine Learning Engineer Career Path

Discover what you will learn on your journey to becoming a Machine Learning Engineer!


Machine Learning Fundamentals

Machine Learning is all around us, and this Skill Path will introduce you to the foundational algorithms and techniques.


Software Engineering for Machine Learning/AI Engineers

Learn the skills to bridge the gap between machine learning and software engineering, and prepare to solve problems on an engineering team.


Intermediate Machine Learning

Learn intermediate machine learning methods!


Building Machine Learning Pipelines

Learn how to build machine pipelines!


Machine Learning/AI Engineer: Final Portfolio

Show off your knowledge of machine learning engineering by developing your final portfolio project on a topic of your choice.


Machine Learning Career Path: Next Steps

Review what you learned in the Data Scientist: Machine Learning Specialist Career Path and explore ways to deepen your knowledge!


7 units • 37 projects • 39 lessons

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