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"The courses are hands-on and allow you to practice as you learn so the concepts stick better. Their Career Paths and interview prep content also offer general insights and helpful tips on job searching in tech."

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Become a Data Scientist

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In this path, you’ll design experiments and test hypotheses in order to discover why things happen and prove a case with data.

About this Career Path

  • Find the “why” in data: Discover when you have causation and when it is just correlation.
  • Test your hypotheses: Conduct A/B tests and sophisticated statistical analyses to pinpoint what variables are most important.
  • Prepare for your career: Get job-ready with portfolio projects and more.


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Projects you’ll build

Predict Credit Card Fraud

Use Logistic Regression to predict credit card fraud.

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Effect of Emergency Weather Systems on Transit Times

Apply regression discontinuity design (RDD) to estimate the causal effect of a snow emergency system.

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Calculating Churn Rates

Practice calculating churn rates using SQL.

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Career Path

Data Scientist: Inference Specialist

In the world of data science, Inference Specialists interpret data and use it to determine cause and effect. Get the specialized skills and portfolio you need to start your career as an Inference Specialist in this curated career path.

Includes Python 3, SQL, R, pandas, scikit-learn, NumPy, Matplotlib, and more

Write live code, build projects, and practice for interviews

Finish in 26 weeks with a certificate of completion

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See all 24 units

Welcome to the Data Scientist: Inference Specialist Career Path

Discover what you will learn on your journey to becoming a Data Scientist: Inference Specialist!


Principles of Data Literacy

Discover the world of data in this fully conceptual course where you will learn how to think about, visualize, and analyze data.


Learn SQL

Learn SQL — a popular language that’s used for communicating with databases and working with data.


Python Fundamentals for Data Science (Part I)

Build a foundation in programming with Python with a focus on Data Science!


Python Fundamentals for Data Science (Part II)

Continue building your Python Skills while applying them to real data science challenges including finding and working with real data.


Portfolio Project: U.S. Medical Insurance

Use your understanding of Python syntax to sort and analyze data about U.S. medical insurance costs!


Python Pandas for Data Science

Learn how to use the Python pandas library and lambda functions for Data Science.


24 units • 59 projects • 77 lessons

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