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"It is so helpful to have a thoroughly designed curriculum put together for a step by step learning journey. The little coding tasks and bigger projects are well designed to reinforce the concepts."

Codecademy Learner @ Australia

"The courses are hands-on and allow you to practice as you learn so the concepts stick better. Their Career Paths and interview prep content also offer general insights and helpful tips on job searching in tech."

Codecademy Learner @ USA

"Great courses and very helpful tips for career build-up! I love the learning methods, very complete with projects and quizzes that help you review your knowledge."

Codecademy Learner @ France

Get a career in computer science

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Similar to a college course, this path will teach you how to think and code like a programmer, build your portfolio, and prepare for an entry-level role in tech.

About this Career Path

  • Become a Python pro: Learn the ins and outs of one of the fastest growing programming languages.
  • Write super-efficient code: Apply your problem-solving skills to write cleaner code from the beginning.
  • Prepare for your career: Get job-ready with portfolio projects and more.


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Projects you’ll build

A Sorted Tale

Help the owner of a whimsical bookshop in his quest to sort books in a variety of different manners.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Wilderness Escape

Write an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure game using the Tree data structure.

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Career Path

Computer Science

No matter what your coding goals are, the best place to start is by building a strong foundation. Get the specialized skills and portfolio you need to start your career in computer science with this curated career path.

Includes Python, Command Line, Git, Data Structures, and more

Write live code, build projects, and practice for interviews

Finish in 20 weeks with a professional certification

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Full-Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer can get a project done from start to finish, back-end to front-end.

Career Path

Beginner friendly, 168 lessons

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Data Scientist: Machine Learning Specialist

If you want to turn human language into data and get an introduction to AI, this is the career path for you.

Career Path

Beginner friendly, 81 lessons

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CS101: Introduction to Programming

Kickstart your coding life as you learn all about the programming language Python, and the techniques used when writing it.


CS102: Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn about virtualization of computer memory by building the fundamental data structures of computer science: lists, stacks, and queues.


CS103: Databases

Learn how data is stored using PostgreSQL, a popular relational database management system.


CS104: Computer Architecture

Learn about the rules, organization of components, and processes that allow computers to process instructions.


CS105: Discrete Math

Learn about discrete math, the math of computer science!


5 units • 37 projects • 82 lessons

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