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Build the server-side

Use tools like Node.js and Express.js to make secure, interactive applications.

Create powerful apps

Make the back-end of apps from scratch – first with help and then all by yourself.

Ace the interview

Study common interview questions and build portfolio-ready projects on your own.

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Become a Back-End Engineer

Make server-side software powerful and performant. Cover all the topics that expensive bootcamps teach (and more). By the time you’re done, you’ll have the specialized skills and portfolio needed to start your career as a Back-End Software Engineer.

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What to expect

Includes PostgreSQL, Express.js, Node.js, APIs, JavaScript, SQL, TDD, and more…

Earn a certificate of completion

Finish in 4-8 months (5-10 hrs/wk)

61 projects

121 lessons

No prerequisites

Curriculum stays up-to-date

Back-End Engineers make around $120,000/yr in the US, according to Glassdoor.

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Welcome to the Back-End Engineer Path

The first steps to your new career as a back-end software engineer.


Setting Up a Dev Environment

Learn about software engineering and the tools developers use to create websites.


Web Development Fundamentals

Learn about web development and create your first web page on the internet.


JavaScript Syntax, Part I

Use JavaScript to create programs that can store and manipulate data.


JavaScript Syntax, Part II

Create more complex programs using arrays, loops, objects, and iterators.


Building Interactive Websites with JavaScript

Implement JavaScript to add interactive experiences to a website.


JavaScript Syntax, Part III

Learn intermediate JavaScript by implementing classes, modules, and error handling.


Projects you’ll build

Credit Card Checker

Use your knowledge of arrays and loops to create functions that will validate credit card numbers.

'Boss Machine' API

Create an entire API from scratch to serve information to a custom management application.

App Security

Defend a Node application from SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, & Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

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"Lessons are in a logical order, with easy to follow applications and projects, and full explanations given for everything taught, in multiple ways; so that no matter how you learn, Codecademy can help you."

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"Codecademy has launched my learning and comprehension progress beyond what I thought possible."

Codecademy Learner @ USA

"Codecademy is the best place to learn out there! Most of the other courses just have videos. Codecademy has a platform on which we can code and we get instant feedback."

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Learning to code means more than just memorizing syntax. Instead, we help you think like a real programmer.

Like a career advisor, we guide you through each step. You’ll learn the right thing at the right time, all in one place.

Helpful roadmap

Real-world projects

Gain practical experience as you go by creating portfolio-worthy projects that will help you land your next job.

Learn how to tackle interview questions and code challenges from companies like Google and Amazon.

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Why Codecademy?

Make your next career move with the tools, resources, and support you need to reach your goal.

Everything on Codecademy is created by our in-house team of Curriculum Developers. So you’ll learn from experienced software engineers, data scientists, IT professionals, professors, and more. 

Expert-written curriculum

Don’t just watch or read about someone else coding — write your own code live in our online, interactive platform. You’ll even get AI-driven recommendations on what you need to review to help keep you on track.

Hands-on learning

Get matched up with other learners who are starting the same career path at the same time. Learn how to pair program, complete group projects, and perform peer code reviews in a supportive community.


Codecademy’s self-paced career paths offer a lot more flexibility than a class or bootcamp. Plus, you get access to everything we offer at a fraction of the cost.

Complete flexibility

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 22% job growth for software engineers through 2030.

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